Wednesday, 26 February 2014

A lot of businesses can get more converting visitors from Google simply by following basic principles and best practices:

Octal Enterprises

  1. always making sure that every page in the site links out to at least one other page in the site
  2. link to your important pages often
  3. link not only from your navigation, but from keyword rich text links in text content – keep this natural and for visitors
  4. try to keep each page element and content unique as possible
  5. build a site for visitors to get visitors and you just might convert some to actual sales too
  6. create keyword considered content on the site people will link to
  7. watch which sites you link to and from what pages, but do link out!
  8. go and find some places on relatively trusted sites to try and get some anchor text rich inbound links
  9. monitor trends, check stats
  10. bend a rule or two without breaking them and you’ll probably be ok......

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